Leading digital business, innovating human resources

Bridge HR Group was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. At present, the group has more than 80 branches that the service network covers 260 cities in large and medium size. The customers include nearly ten thousand enterprises and the overall size and strength of service are in the forefront of industries, which makes the group become a Chinese science and technology based HR service group. 

Four Innovative Services

Provide driving force of impetus for business growth, enhance the competitive advantage of professional elite Intensify the reform of government, develop the sense of social responsibility

Talent is the source of innovation, 
Talent is the engine of development,
必威体育88app官网Stimulating talent's potential can generate unlimited energy. 

Five business systems

Bridge HR industrial park and management consulting

Bridge HR Management Consulting (in Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is attached to Bridge HR Group. It has long been dedicated to providing management consulting, personnel assessment and trai···



They choose us, , and we will be stronger working with them!

  • 40100+

    certified members

  • 6200+

    certified enterprises

  • 99000+

    transaction projects

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